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Why I Love Pilates

Published on 30th Apr 2018 at 21:50 by Anna Wilson

I've been doing Pilates for longer than I haven't. What makes me keep coming back for more? I'm never bored!

Pilates gives me a different challenge or focus or result each time I get on my mat/reformer/cadillac/chair/barrel.... That's another reason I'm never ever bored, there's so much to do! If I'm struggling with something in my movement, I guarantee there's somewhere else in the Pilates system where I can work on improving it.

I've enjoyed Pilates through my professional dance days when I was at my peak fitness, when I was pregnant, post pregnancy (not peak fitness... ahem...!) and I continue to crave my Pilates workouts. It just makes me feel good!

So thank you Pilates, I think you're great ❤

Anna x

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