Studio Classes

Group studio classes in our fully equipped studio are limited to a maximum of 9 participants. Your Pilates classes will be taught by the best of the best Pilates teachers, who are passionate about the Pilates method and look forward to teaching you all of the amazing benefits it has to offer.

Where to start? If you can come more than once a week, you'll get the best results, starting with a mix of Basic Reformer and Studio Mat classes. If you can only fit in 1 class a week, we recommend you try both offerings and then decide which suits you best. Once you're familiar with the Basic Mat and Reformer exercises, the Tower class would be a great addition to your weekly workouts.

Group classes are such a fun and social way to get your Pilates fix, but they aren't always suitable for everyone initially. If you have any injuries, ailments or physical impairments, are pregnant or recently postnatal, please contact us in advance of booking group classes. Private lessons may be recommended, where you'll learn how to make your group class experience safe and enjoyable. Private lessons will also be recommended if you are in pain or if you have been referred to us by a doctor or physio.

Class Descriptions

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The Reformer is Pilates apparatus that has a moving carriage. You'll use springs to assist and resist you as you move, helping you to connect to your body in a way that can't be achieved on the mat. The support of the springs allows you to achieve balance in your muscles so you can decompress your joints and move more freely. The resistance of the springs will help you build strength. In our Classical Reformer classes, you'll follow a sequence of movements that you'll build upon as you move up through the levels. You'll learn to become 'body aware' as you move, and the focus will be on learning control and balance in your movement. 

Reformer – Basics

Suitable for beginners who are injury- and pain-free, or if you've started with private lessons and are ready to join group classes. Basic level is recommended if you're not familiar with the Classical order and equipment, even if you're experienced in matwork. 

Reformer – Beyond Basics

This level gets you moving more. You will start to challenge your co-ordination and build on your strength and flexibility. You'll learn additional movements in the Classical Reformer sequence, building on what you learned in Basics. 

Reformer – Intermediate

Our Intermediate Reformer classes are flowing in tempo and a great full-body workout. You should join this class when you are familiar with all of the movements from Beyond Basics level (names/set-up/how to safely perform them) and are ready to flow from one exercise to the next.

Reformer – Advanced

A flowing and dynamic Advanced Classical Reformer practice is learned over time. It requires a committed and dedicated Pilates practice to get to this level, and it's here that your movement possibilities are endless. It can be beneficial to prepare for joining this level with some private lessons, as you'll be expected to take responsibility for the set-up/transitions and number of springs used. In privates you can learn the Advanced exercises at your own pace, and with hands-on assistance and guidance from your teacher.
Not suitable if you have any injuries or pain.

Studio Mat

Experience our Studio Mat classes, an exclusive Pilates Centre offering. These aren't your regular roll-out mat Pilates classes... You'll be taught on our Gratz Classical Pilates mats, with straps and dowels, which help you get your body moving better. You'll have access to the full 'studio' experience, using our complementary Pilates apparatus (foot correctors, spine correctors, magic circles and more) to prepare your body to get the best out of your matwork exercises. You will learn to build a flowing classical matwork practice that improves strength and flexibility without causing strain on your joints. 

Studio Mat – Basics

This class is suitable for beginners. You will learn the basic 10 movements that are part of the Classical Pilates Matwork sequence, as well as movement skills that will teach you to move in a healthy way.

Studio Mat – Beyond Basics

Here you'll learn additional movements to build into your sequence that will require more skills. You should be familiar with the movements from the Basics level class (name, set-up, how to perform them safely) before joining this class.

Studio Mat – Intermediate

You'll build towards practising the full Intermediate Classical Pilates Matwork sequence at this level. You should be familiar with the movements from the Beyond Basics level class (name, set-up, how to perform them safely) before joining this class.

Studio Mat – Advanced

The Advanced Classical Pilates Matwork sequence is a full-body, invigorating workout, and it's so fun to finally see your years of practice come together in this flowing series. You should be able to perform the Intermediate sequence proficiently (name, set-up, how to perform them safely) before joining this class. 
Not suitable if you have any injuries or pain.


Tower – Basics/Beyond

This class is suitable for everyone, including beginners. Tower classes will leave you feeling 10-feet tall. You'll build up your strength and flexibility with the support of the springs, doing movements that are similar to Matwork and Reformer. The support of the springs makes more advanced exercises from the Mat and Reformer repertoire achievable sooner here. It's a great class to add to your weekly workouts if you're considering moving up to the next level in your Mat or Reformer classes.

Tower – Intermediate/Advanced

Now you get to have some REAL Pilates FUN. The support of the apparatus will have you moving in ways you didn't know you could, but with freedom in the joints and balance in the muscles. At this level, it's assumed that you know how to set up your equipment and that you are familiar with all of the Basics/Beyond Basics movements. You don't need to be at an Advanced level in Matwork or Reformer to join this class – though it's a great class to get you to that level if you're in Intermediate!

Pilates Gym

Pilates Gym

In the Pilates Gym YOU TAKE OWNERSHIP of your Pilates workout! Head to your allocated equipment when you turn up and do your own workout. A teacher will supervise you and your fellow exercisers, offering any necessary feedback or cues specific to your body. 

We will supply class sequence lists to help you get familiar with your exercise order and set-up, and for you to keep track of your progress.


• You may only work on equipment you are familiar with and know how to use safely.
• You must take care of our equipment when using it and cleaning it – NO BUTTONS OR ZIPPERS ON CLOTHES ALLOWED (yes, even those tiny zippers at your bum!).
• You must work out at a level appropriate to you and NOT try anything totally new or super advanced on your own. ‘If in doubt, leave it out.’ It’s always better to be cautious and keep yourself safe.
• Recorded exercise videos may be allowed in some circumstances, but this permission is at the discretion of your teacher and the studio. If you'll be exercising to a video, you must wear wireless earphones. 
• Remember: you’re in charge of your workout here and need a good understanding of your equipment set-up and exercise order. Everyone in the gym will be doing their own workouts to their chosen level and pace on their chosen equipment. The teacher is there to give guidance and suggestions to you as you work out, not to guide everyone together or teach every exercise.

Who can join?

You have completed at least 5 classes at the Beyond Basics level and are proficient at the Pilates Centre Basics exercises. 


You have completed a MINIMUM of 30 lessons at Pilates Centre (at any level).


You have been attending private lessons at Pilates Centre and your teacher has cleared you to do your workout alone.


You're new to Pilates Centre but are a qualified Pilates teacher (trained in all of the repertoire on all of the Pilates equipment) and can take care of yourself and our equipment.


You're new to Pilates Centre but are training to be a Pilates teacher comprehensively (all repertoire on all equipment) and have at least 50 trainee practice hours under your belt and understand how to take care of yourself and use the equipment safely.

The Pilates gym is unfortunately not open to new clients to the studio. However, you may book private lessons to be taught the method and how to work towards joining the Pilates gym once you're familiar with everything.



If you find out that you are pregnant (congratulations!) and are already doing Pilates, you can continue with your regular class if you're feeling good, and your doctor clears you, up until 12 weeks. 

From 12 weeks into your pregnancy, you'll need to move out of the regular group classes and into the pregnancy-specific Pilates class (our other group classes aren't suitable to continue during your second and third trimesters). You must check with your doctor to ensure you are cleared for exercise during pregnancy before signing up. This class uses equipment and the mat to keep you moving well throughout your pregnancy. All of the exercises done in class are suitable during pregnancy. If you have any injuries or are in pain, or if you've never done Pilates before, we recommended you attend one-to-one classes rather than group classes initially. 


When you are ready to return to Pilates after your pregnancy, and when your doctor has cleared you, we recommend starting with an initial private lesson. Every birth has a different impact on each woman's body. Time on your own with your teacher to guide you back into a Pilates routine that is safe for your individual recovery is the best start you can give yourself when you return. Your instructor can advise you after this session whether you need more private lessons or if you'll be safe to join a group class.

Price List

Trial Pass

Introductory offer: 4 group studio classes for €65.

Studio Class Pass

Single Class: €22
5 Classes: €100
10 Classes: €180 
20 Classes: €330 

What Our Clients Say

'I used to suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain on and off as a result of a minor car accident, and the muscles never really recovered. However, since I started doing Pilates, I noticed my back, shoulder and neck muscles are so much stronger than before. I could really feel a difference after 5 or 6 classes. It’s been fantastic.'


'When I first started at Pilates Centre, I was constantly aware of my back pain due to a disc injury. Within no time of taking a couple of classes a week, I started to forget that I had a back problem at all! It's just great.'

Ann Marie

'I started Pilates as an addition to my running training. It had taken me 9 months of running to shave 20 seconds off my 5k run time. It took 5 Pilates classes at Pilates Centre to shave off an additional 20 seconds!'


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