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Booking your classes at Pilates Centre couldn't be easier. Create a personal account with us and choose any time that suits you. Download our 'Pilates Centre' app for super handy booking from your phone or tablet, or you can log in from a web browser.

How the Waitlist Works

If a class is full, you'll be offered the option to put your name on the waitlist. If someone cancels, the system will automatically allocate you a place and you will receive an automated email or text to confirm that you've been added to the class. Emails may go to your spam or promotional folders. (You must 'opt in' to receive notification emails/texts on your MindBody account to receive this. If you'd prefer not to receive notifications, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on your account yourself to see if you get a place.)

If you no longer wish to go to the class, you need to cancel as normal via your online account (go to 'my info' then 'schedule'). Please cancel your waitlist place as you would a regular class booking, otherwise if you get a place and don't turn up, the class is deducted from your class pass. Don't assume you won't get a place – you may be automatically added for an 11 a.m. class at 2 a.m. the previous night, so if you don't want a last-minute morning class, make sure to cancel off the waitlist the night before! 

Easier Booking with Our Booking App

Download our mobile app for super easy class bookings and management.

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What Our Clients Say

'I used to suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain on and off as a result of a minor car accident, and the muscles never really recovered. However, since I started doing Pilates, I noticed my back, shoulder and neck muscles are so much stronger than before. I could really feel a difference after 5 or 6 classes. It’s been fantastic.'


'When I first started at Pilates Centre, I was constantly aware of my back pain due to a disc injury. Within no time of taking a couple of classes a week, I started to forget that I had a back problem at all! It's just great.'

Ann Marie

'I started Pilates as an addition to my running training. It had taken me 9 months of running to shave 20 seconds off my 5k run time. It took 5 Pilates classes at Pilates Centre to shave off an additional 20 seconds!'


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