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Classical Teacher Training Courses

We don’t just teach you the Pilates movements, we’ll teach you to TEACH Pilates. Pilates Centre will guide you towards becoming an intuitive, highly knowledgeable Pilates teacher. Our Classical curriculum covers the Classical Pilates repertoire as well as modifications and safety issues that will help you to confidently teach Pilates safely and effectively.

Our highly experienced Pilates teachers, trained in the full Classical Pilates Method, are passionate about sharing everything they've learned over their many years of teaching this fantastic method. Our courses are to the highest of standards available in the Pilates world and you'll be supported throughout your training journey. 

In addition to having access to practice and observe at our studio throughout your training, you’ll have your own online study portal with your course content at your fingertips.

Registration is now OPEN for our next course starting in September 2024.

Classical Teacher Training - Full Studio - Sept 2024

Next start date: 11th September 2024

Our Classical Teacher Training course teaches the Classical Pilates Method on all of the studio apparatus (Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, Foot exercisers, Magic Circle and lots more...). The course duration is 40 weeks covering 600 hours of study (teacher and self led) and you'll have up to a year to complete your exams should you need additional time. While learning the Classical Pilates repertoire you'll also learn modifications, variations and safety issues that will help you to confidently teach Pilates safely and effectively.

The journey towards becoming a really great Pilates teacher takes commitment and dedication but it is so fun and rewarding to delve so deeply into the method. Prospective students should have a regular Pilates practice and be injury free. You should already be attending classes on the Mat and Reformer in order to be ready to start the course.

What will I learn?

  • Pilates history and lineage
  • The full Classical Pilates repertoire on all apparatus
  • Pre-Pilates and fundamentals
  • Modifications
  • Safety while teaching and in the studio
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Teaching Skills

What does the course involve?

  • Live Pilates workshops 
  • Anatomy workshops - online recordings
  • Internship
  • Case study 
  • Assessments & Exams 

Course Cost:

€5900 plus lessons + books

Are you a graduate of our Mat Mentorship? You'll receive a €750 discount from the course and will be exempt from the Mat practical and teaching exams. 

All workshops in our September 2024 course will take place on Wednesdays at 9.30am to 1.30pm. For more information and to request a course brochure please email 


Workshops and Masterclasses

Hone your teaching skills and deepen your practice!

Brooke Siler

Brooke Siler will visit our studio for a weekend of workshops!

April 20th - 21st.

Book through the 'workshops' tab on our Mindbody booking system.

Levelling Up - to Beyond Basics Reformer

You can feel like a total newbie again when you move up class levels. Let us help! In this workshop we'll go through what you'll need to have embodied from the previous levels and how you'll advance on those basic skills. We'll also break down the 'choreography' of the new exercises at this level.
Who's this for? You should be at a place in your Basics Reformer practice where you're thinking of moving up. OR you can already be in Beyond Basics Reformer and looking to finesse your practice.

When? Friday, November 10th, 6.30pm
How much? €30 for 75 mins

Blossom Leilani Crawford

SOLD OUT! Email if you'd like to be added to our waitlist.

Blossom, owner of Bridge Pilates in New York, is coming to share her Pilates expertise with us!! We are especially excited for Blossom to pass on the techniques she learned when studying and working closely with Pilates ‘elder’ Kathy Grant for nearly 2 decades.

When: March the 25th & 26th, 2023.

Cost: Full weekend €600 or €180 per workshop

EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT of 10% will be applied at checkout if you book before the 31st of December.


Blossom assisted Kathy Grant's matwork class at NYU for 10 years. In that class, Kathy developed a vocabulary of warm‐up exercises that came before starting the traditional Pilates matwork. Before the Hundreds are the building blocks to doing the traditional Pilates vocabulary. This is the heart of Kathy's work.

The exercises have a huge stylistic range, but can be easily assimilated into your teaching. Before the Hundreds include warm up movements that will mobilize, deeply strengthen your abdominals and enhance your body
awareness. After this workshop, you will have a new tool kit to get in tune with your body.

The matwork is such a powerful Pilates tool precisely because it requires nothing more than a mat and offers a full-body workout after executing the 34 original exercises. However, in my own mat classes, I feel like I only have the opportunity to teach the same 20 exercises.


The matwork is how most people are introduced to the Pilates Method and in this three-hour workshop, we’ll conduct a matwork reboot. We’ll look at Mr. Pilates’ “Return to Life” matwork repertory and order with fresh eyes focusing on the lesser-known and, often, less executed half of the exercises. Together, we will examine the essence and purpose of each to help us find the accessible movements within.
Breathe new life into your teaching with this invigorating workshop where you will have a chance to explore a familiar subject in a new way. Best of all, you will learn tools to teach the matwork (even the advanced repertory) to a majority of your clients regardless of their level.
Come ready to move and play. Blossom


In this Reformer workshop, we will refresh your usual routine. With the use of some simple images and the occasional inexpensive prop, we will learn how to get more out of our clients and ourselves on this well‐used piece of Pilates equipment. We will follow the traditional order of Mr. Pilates with an emphasis on the most performed exercises. Blossom will share some unique Kathy Grant Reformer exercises and choreographic “inserts” as well as her own collection of simple yet effective movements that complement the traditional work. Come join in the fun, get new tools for your teaching toolbox and revitalize your Reformer routine.


Kathy loved cats and loved the way they moved. They inspired her to make up many different exercises based on their movements. You’ll learn all of Kathy’s ‘Cats’ and how Kathy used them within the traditional Pilates framework.

You’ll discover that the principles, imagery and skills of the cats can transfer to other Pilates exercises both on and off the equipment. Kathy Grant’s cats are a wonderful way to warm up a group of students, assess a new clients spinal movement patterns and stretch without tension.
In addition, Blossom will share Kathy’s signature Matwork inserts such as her Laterals and Weather Vane that can be translated to many apparatuses. These exercises are favorite places to add a twist in order to challenge the body in a different way than the traditional Mat and demonstrate Kathy’s continued genius at work. Deceptively challenging these exercises can make a huge difference in your teaching and your client’s workout -- stimulating the brain and
the body. This won’t be a whole new set of movements, but rather ways to mix up the “routine” of it all.


Previous guest workshops

Brooke Siler: 25th September 2020

Blossom Leilani Crawford: Postponed. Future date TBC



What Our Clients Say

'I used to suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain on and off as a result of a minor car accident, and the muscles never really recovered. However, since I started doing Pilates, I noticed my back, shoulder and neck muscles are so much stronger than before. I could really feel a difference after 5 or 6 classes. It’s been fantastic.'


'When I first started at Pilates Centre, I was constantly aware of my back pain due to a disc injury. Within no time of taking a couple of classes a week, I started to forget that I had a back problem at all! It's just great.'

Ann Marie

'I started Pilates as an addition to my running training. It had taken me 9 months of running to shave 20 seconds off my 5k run time. It took 5 Pilates classes at Pilates Centre to shave off an additional 20 seconds!'


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