Our Teaching Team

We're proud to have the very best teachers working at Pilates Centre, each with a minimum of 600 hours' Pilates training behind them before joining our teaching team.

Become a Qualified Instructor

Our Classical Teacher Training will guide you towards becoming an intuitive, highly knowledgeable Pilates teacher, with the full Pilates repertoire at your disposal. Pilates Centre is committed to passing on the tradition of Classical Pilates by offering teacher training that honours the integrity of the method developed by Joseph Pilates.


Anna is the owner of Pilates Centre. Classical Pilates is her passion and she has trained intensively with some of the best instructors in the world. She completed the Advanced Teacher Training and Masters programmes with The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, and continues to learn more about Pilates and the body, including taking workshops with Jay Grimes, Brooke Siler, and specialist in-depth pre/postnatal training with Carolyn Anthony.

'I love working with people who want to learn more about their bodies and Pilates. I have a diverse client base of all ages, including Pilates newbies, Pilates teachers, athletes, dancers, and pre- and postnatal ladies.'


Nicola has trained extensively with us on our Classical Teacher Training programme. Her passion for practising Classical Pilates led Nicola to become a teacher in 2016, having built a career in financial services up until then. Nicola continues to add to her Pilates knowledge with continuing education, most recently completing numerous workshops with Kathi Ross-Nash and specialist pre/postnatal training with Carolyne Anthony. She loves to pass on her Pilates knowledge to enable clients to better understand Pilates and achieve their goals.

'Pilates is such great fun to practise and teach. Apart from the many health benefits, I love the challenge it creates for the mind and body. I’m learning something new every day. I’m motivated by seeing others improve, by the energy created in class, and by all the happy faces that I get the pleasure of seeing in Pilates Centre.'


Lara initially qualified as a Pilates Matwork teacher in Dublin with Bodyfirm and went on to further her knowledge with the internationally recognised Advanced Teacher Training programme with The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. She constantly seeks to build on her wisdom and experience by attending workshops with well-known teachers from around the world and undertaking personal study, with a special interest in anatomy and holistic healing methods.

‘I discovered the benefits of Pilates while seeking to heal my own mild scoliosis and low back pain, but I got so much more than I expected, including a new career! After my first class, I was instantly hooked. It was as if my whole body woke up and I was so excited to learn more. Soon my back had strengthened, and I felt agile, more flexible, confident and connected to my body. The Pilates method seeps into every area of your life if you let it: from activating your core muscles and re-aligning your spine and posture, to being so much more in tune with how your body feels and moves. I’d love to pass on all those benefits to all of you.’


Corinna completed her advanced teacher training in the Classical Pilates method in 2016 and has been teaching at Pilates Centre ever since. She has complemented her training with a number of continuous education workshops with world-renowned teachers, including Blossom Leilani Crawford, Rachel Taylor Segal, Brooke Siler, and specialist pre/postnatal Pilates with Carolyne Anthony. No trip abroad for Corinna is complete without a Pilates class. As well as teaching Pilates, Corinna is a primary school teacher.

'My sister introduced me to Pilates in 2010, and I can still remember how good I felt after that first class. I had always been sporty and active, but this style of movement challenged my mind–body connection, leaving me feel light and energised. After years of practising pilates, I still find new ways to benefit from it. I am passionate about helping people work towards their goals.'


Hilary has a genuine, infectious love for Pilates, having discovered it after suffering back pain for many years. Once introduced to Classical Pilates, the love affair was instant. Wanting to share her enthusiasm, teaching was calling her and she successfully completed Pilates Centre’s year-long, rigorous Teacher Training Programme. Hilary is always seeking to advance her knowledge of Pilates and continues to study and learn from workshops with renowned teachers around the world, including Brooke Siler, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Kathryn Ross-Nash, Amy Alpers and Rachel Segal.
'I believe that Pilates is for everybody. Through my classes I aim to empower you to take ownership of your body and your Pilates journey. My goal is to teach body and mind awareness and to encourage and motivate you to practise the Pilates method, not just in class, but also while doing everyday tasks. I look forward to welcoming you to class, where I promise to challenge you in a fun, dynamic environment.'

What Our Clients Say

'I used to suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain on and off as a result of a minor car accident, and the muscles never really recovered. However, since I started doing Pilates, I noticed my back, shoulder and neck muscles are so much stronger than before. I could really feel a difference after 5 or 6 classes. It’s been fantastic.'


'When I first started at Pilates Centre, I was constantly aware of my back pain due to a disc injury. Within no time of taking a couple of classes a week, I started to forget that I had a back problem at all! It's just great.'

Ann Marie

'I started Pilates as an addition to my running training. It had taken me 9 months of running to shave 20 seconds off my 5k run time. It took 5 Pilates classes at Pilates Centre to shave off an additional 20 seconds!'


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