Is this your first visit to Pilates Centre? Then here's everything you need to know:

Booking a class - To sign up for a class just click 'book a class' at the top of the website. The schedule will load after a few seconds. Click the 'sign up' button next to the class you'd like to do and the system will guide you through making an account and paying for your class. If you've never been to the studio before the €10 'trial class' option will be offered to you in the online store when you are paying. If you want to take advantage of the flexibility of our schedule you'll need to make one of these accounts to manage and change your bookings. If you have an iPhone or iPad you can download our app for easy booking.

What class to choose - If you've never been to Pilates Centre before we recommend booking into an 'Essential Basics' Reformer or Matwork class. These are suitable for beginners and also if you've done Pilates before but not in a while. We also recommend choosing this level if you've done Pilates elsewhere so that you can get to know our teaching style. We teach the Classical Pilates sequence in group classes and you'll need to be comfortable and familiar with the names and technique of all the Essential Basics movements to benefit from the next level. Definitely do a trial of both classes so you have an understanding of the Pilates system and how the equipment and Matwork classes are designed to support each other. After that if you're planning to come to class more than once a week we advise you do both equipment and Matwork classes, if you can only come once a week you can decide which class will benefit you most after your trial. We can also advise you on this once we've seen you in class.

Wait List - If a class is full you'll be offered the option to put your name on the wait list. If someone cancels the system will automatically put you in their place and you will receive an email to confirm that you've been added to the class. If you no longer wish to go to the class you just need to cancel as normal via your online account (go to 'my info' and then 'schedule'), otherwise the system will deduct the class from your class pass. If you are added to the waitlist after the cancellation window and don't wish to go just let us know and we'll take you out of it.

Private Classes - Private classes are recommended if you are injured, post natal, or feeling insecure about getting started in a group setting. Sometimes you'll just need the one private session to be brought through the Basics and be guided on how to take care of yourself in a group class. If you're in a lot of pain or struggling to keep up you can continue to do private classes until you're ready for group classes. You can choose to continue with private classes if you want your classes specifically designed for your individual needs. If you've been referred by your doctor, surgeon or physiotherapist to work on a specific complaint generally private classes are recommended unless you've been given clearance to join a group class.

What to bring - Pilates Centre provides everything you need for class so there's no need to bring anything with you relating to Pilates. You might like to bring a towel and a water bottle. We have a filtered water tap which you can use and we sell bottled water at the studio for €1.

What to wear - We advise you to wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. Try not to wear anything too loose fitting as we need to see your posture as you move. Please avoid clothing with zips or clips/buttons as it damages our equipment. You can do the classes in your socks or barefoot, we sell grip socks at the studio should you require them.

Jewelry - Please remove any jewelry before class - this is for your safety (it can reduce your circulation) but we also request that you follow this advice to protect our equipment from damage.

Phones - When you arrive at the studio please ensure that your phone is turned off so as not to disturb others in class.

Cancellation Policy - If you would like to cancel your group class you can do so up to 12 hours before your class starts. If you cancel after this window you will be charged a late cancellation fee as if you attended. If you would like to cancel a private Pilates session we require 24 hours notice, any cancellations after that time will be charged a late cancellation fee as if you attended. Workshops also require 24 hours cancellation notice.

Returns Policy - All class passes are valid for 365 days from the first day of use. Any classes not used within this time will be lost. There are no refunds or transfers offered.


"I used to suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain on and off as a result of a minor car accident, the muscles never really recovered. However since I started doing Pilates I notice my back, shoulder and neck muscles are so much stronger than previously, I could really tell a difference after 5 or 6 classes. It’s been fantastic."

Caren Carruthers

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