Get The Most Out of Your Pilates Class

Published on 30th Sep 2016 by Anna Wilson

Here's some simple yet effective tips on how to get the most out of your Pilates classes:

Classical Pilates, Modified?

Published on 10th Jul 2014 by

Confused about Classical - versus - modified Pilates? Are you doing the best Pilates for your own body?

And Breathe

Published on 17th Jun 2014 by

Breathing... We do it continually, we must to survive, but do you ever find when you turn up for your Pilates class that you're learning to breathe for the first time? The Pilates method promotes better health and Mr. Joseph Pilates was very adament that good breathing was integral to the benefits of his exercises:

Pilates For Men

Published on 31st Oct 2012 by

Pilates is definitely not just a ladies game!

Pilates and Pregnancy

Published on 9th Apr 2010 by

There are many proven benefits to Pre-natal exercise. These benefits include enhanced mood and self esteem, lower incidence of excessive weight gain, improved posture and improved circulation. Just to name a few!

Where Pilates Began

Published on 5th Dec 2009 by

As I said previously, the Pilates technique is named after its German founder, Joseph Pilates. I thought I'd share the story of how his exercise methods came about so you can have more of an understanding of where the roots of the method lie.

"When I first started at Pilates Centre I was constantly aware of my back pain due to a disc injury. Within no time of taking a couple of classes a week I started to forget that I had a back problem at all! It's just great."

Ann Marie

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