'Pre-Pilates' exercises teach the very basic movements that you'll see throughout the Pilates repertoire. If you struggle with a certain Pilates exercise there will be a 'pre-Pilates' exercise you can do to prepare your body to perform it better.

When: Saturday 21st January 15:30 - 16:30

Price: €25

Intro-Basics Classical Matwork

We will break down the Classical Matwork exercises from the Intro-Basics level. We'll show the various modifications available to each movement and what 'Pre-Pilates' exercise would prepare you for each movement, if necessary. (It is therefore beneficial, but not compulsory, to attend the 'Pre-Pilates' workshop that's scheduled before this).

When: Saturday 21st January 16:30 - 18:00 

Price: €37.50

A 1% Difference

As Pilates teachers we can get caught up in trying to make everything 100% perfect. What if we could be happy with a 5-10% change in the body in front of us? Better still, what if we could be not only happy, but champion, a 1% change? We could be empowered in knowing that if all of those 1%’s were added up, our clients would be more successful, their body could feel the changes and their brain could remember them. In turn, we as teachers can enjoy teaching the body in front of us rather than some poster ideal of Pilates.

When: Saturday 4th February 1.30pm-3.30pm

Price: €50

Archival Mat

Come and explore the archival mat exercises from archival pilates videos filmed at Joe’s studio in New York. We will watch the video, learn the exercises and then build them into a complete mat class. Let's return to the mat!

When: Saturday 4th February 4pm-6pm

Price: €50


"I used to suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain on and off as a result of a minor car accident, the muscles never really recovered. However since I started doing Pilates I notice my back, shoulder and neck muscles are so much stronger than previously, I could really tell a difference after 5 or 6 classes. It’s been fantastic."

Caren Carruthers

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